Natalia from TunefulTV channel on Youtube is one of the most popular vlogers making Eurovision reactions. We sent her a lot of questions. Please read our interview and send us some feedback!

Polscy Fani Eurowizji: Which Polish entry since 2014 year (Cleo & Donatan, Monika Kuszyńska, Michał Szpak, Kasia Moś and Gromee ft. Lukas Meijer) is your favourite and why?

Natalia: This is a difficult one because I like all the songs for different reasons. I think if I had to choose though it would be between Cleo & Donatan and Michal Szpak. Michal gave some of the best male vocals I’ve heard in the competition and there’s something about him that I just really like. Cleo & Donatan have a special place in my heart because 2014 was the first time I reacted to Eurovision songs, and their song was so bold, so fun and so fresh! I didn’t know that Poland could get down like that and I loved it! I loved that sense of pride, like here we are, ‘We are Slavic!’ So yeah, maybe Cleo and Donatan is my favourite!!

PFE: What do you think about our this year’s entry? Are Gromee and Lukas Meijer better than our previous representatives?

Natalia: I wouldn’t say that Gromee and Lukas are better than previous representatives but what I like is that they’re different. I think it’s great that Poland are sending a dance track this year. It’s super uplifting and fun and I can imagine partying to this song!

PFE: What is your favourite Eurovision song of all time?

Natalia: Ugh! This is so hard…! I think it has to be Waterloo by ABBA. It’s stood the test of time. It’s just a brilliant pop song and it gave ABBA to the world!! I also love a bit of Dana International, Diva!

PFE: What is your first Eurovision memory? When did you watch it for the first time?

Natalia: Wow! They all sort of blur into one really. I just remember watching Eurovision when I was really young with my family all sitting around the television. We would make our own score cards and get excited for the UK entry! I just remember the show being super long and I would often fall asleep before the winner was announced!!

PFE: We all know that you are enjoying making reactions of Eurovision songs. What prompted you to do it?

Natalia: Well I started my YouTube channel in 2011 and I was making videos here and there interviewing bands and promoting emerging artists. Those videos didn’t get a lot of views so I knew I had to do something to grow my channel so that more people would then go and watch those interviews (which is still very much the plan for my channel!) I wanted to talk about something musical so I started doing reaction videos to The Voice UK in 2013. Those became quite popular for my channel and it was super fun to do. Then in 2014 a few days before the Eurovision, it just occurred to me, ‘hey why don’t I do the same reaction style videos to the Eurovision?’ I had no plan or purpose, I just looked at it as something fun to do and it went from there really!

PFE: Did you ever lied on your reactions? For example when you didn’t get good impression of song to don’t get hate from fans?

Natalia: Hahaha! No I have never lied but I am definitely mindful that I don’t want to get hate from fans if I can help it. Looool! I’m only human after all! I think in general I’m just a positive person and I’m definitely a person who prefers to build up instead of tear down. If I don’t like a song, I try to be balanced and justify my opinion without being mean. I also try to find something that I do like. I think now more than before, I am mindful that I have a mixed audience whose first language is not always English so I have edited out things that I’ve said if I believe that it wouldn’t make sense to a non native English speaker. It’s usually a joke or “banter” humour that is very British.

For example, if you see my Spain reaction video this year, I got a lot of hate from the Spanish fans because I said they “copied their neighbour”. It was just a joke which I personally thought was hilarious but the majority of Spanish fans didn’t really get it, so I probably should have edited that bit out! Looool!

PFE: Do you like last year’s winner – Salvador Sobral? What do you think about his entry? Is his win was some kind of groundbreak in the perception of the Eurovision?

Natalia: I LOVE Salvador Sobral! I think his entry had a timeless quality to it and it was my favourite song of that year. I think a lot of people outside of the Eurovision community sat up and took notice of the Eurovision after he won. I don’t know if it’s down to Salvador Sobral but I can definitely feel a change in perception towards Eurovision from people who wouldn’t usually call themselves fans. I think that over the years, the quality of songs have definitely improved and certain countries are genuinely sending their best acts. I think Salvador was a product of that. I think it’s a really exciting time for Eurovision!


PFE: I hope so that you remember Aleksander Rybak’s song “Fairytale”. Do you think that his return is a good decision?

Natalia: Unfortunately I have a very vague memory of Aleksander Rybak’s, “Fairytale” song!! There is a big gap in my Eurovision knowledge because I didn’t watch the competition for many years!! In general though I think in any competition you should probably quit whilst you’re ahead. The fact that he won in 2009 means that he’s got nothing to prove and so he should probably have left it at that.

PFE: Do you know some polish artists? If yes, could you tell us who would be good representative on Eurovision in the future?

Natalia: Unfortunately I don’t really know any Polish artists. I do have followers from Poland who keep me informed about what Michal Szpak is up to and I have been listening to his song, ‘Don’t Poison Your Heart’, which I love by the way! I have been thinking about doing a series on my channel where my followers from different counties can suggest pop stars for me to react to or just check out because I love being introduced to new music!

PFE: Have you ever been in Poland? If yes, what things you liked?

Natalia: I haven’t been to Poland yet but I am planning on visiting with my Polish friends. I hope I’ll be able to DJ out there and get to visit the sights. Just like what Gromee & Lukas said, you guys will need to, “Tell me where to go!!”

PFE: I’m sure that you remember Margaret from ours National Final. What do you think about her entry in Melodifestivalen? Do you like “In My Cabana”?

Natalia: I do remember Margaret. One of my followers told me to check her out and I loved her! I love her song ‘Cool Me Down’ and I have played it in a few of my sets when I DJ! I haven’t heard her entry for Melodfestivalen yet because I might do reaction videos to the competition in the future, so I don’t want any spoilers!

PFE: Who is your winner of Eurovision 2018 so far?

Natalia: That’s TOP SECRET!! Actually I’m still deciding but just like last year, I will put together my Top 43 songs. You’ll have to make sure that you’re subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss it!!

Thank you Natalia once more for this interview! 

We wish you more subscribers and views! Good luck!

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