Gromee and Lukas Meijer have represented Poland with their song „Light Me Up” in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Lukas is a Swedish singer, songwriter, photographer and also a teacher. This year he released the debut album – „Until The End” with his band No Sleep For Lucy.

Polscy Fani Eurowizji: How do you feel after the Eurovision? How do you remeber this experience?

Lukas Meijer: From the beggining I was dissapointed of course. Our goal was to be in the final. This experience has been one of the biggest things in my life and a had so much fun. To do this with the fantastic team was awesome. I’m so thankful for all the support and love and for being a part of this.

PFE: If you had to pick one the most beautiful memory form Lisbon – what would it be?

Lukas: Being on the stage with my friends. It’s a feeling that words can’t describe.

PFE: And the same about the worst memory from Lisbon – what would it be in this case?

Lukas: Hmm, maybe when my luggage got lost after our flight to Lisbon. Or maybe when I woke up sick on Tuesday morning. I was so stressed in both situations but you always have to stay positive. There’s nothing to do about it.

PFE: How do you remeber your performance at the eurovision stage? Was it a big challenge for you?

Lukas: It’s always a challenge to perform for 20.000 people and 150 millions viewers haha. You also have to try to look good in all the cameras and sing the song as best as you can. Of course you get nervous and a little stressed. But I had so much fun.

PFE: How did you react to the results in your semi-final?

Lukas: Of course I was dissapointed. It would’ve been so nice to be able to do our performance on more time. But it’s a competition and only 10 went through to the final and 8 had to go. You have to deal with it and move forward.

PFE: What do you think about the winning song „Toy”? Is it a good choice?

Lukas: It’s a good song that stands out and I think that a winner of Eurovision needs to have those components. So yes, I can see why it’s a winner.

PFE: Would you like to come back to the Eurovision someday? Maybe with Gromee again or with your band NSFL?

Lukas: I don’t know really. This has been an amazing experience with a very professional team around. But there’s also a lot of pressure, stress and stuff like that around the whole Eurovision bubble. I think I need to answer that question after some time away from this bubble haha. But maybe, you never know ? 

PFE: How would you define the Eurovision? What is it for you personally?

Lukas: For me it’s all about the friendship. There’s so much love in this competition and it feels like a big family party. It’s so nice to be able to meet all this wonderful peoples from all over the world.

PFE: Do you feel your life is different after the Eurovision? Do you feel more recognizable for example?

Lukas: Haha, in Sweden some people recognize me but it’s nice to be able to go around in Stockholm without a lot of people asking for photos and stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong cause I love my fans and would do almost anything for them but I’m also Lukas Meijer, the quiet guy who loves to just go around in silence and enjoy life haha. Fame is never something I’ve searched for. As long as I’m able to do what I love in music and photography I’m totally happy, if it’s in front of 50.000 people or 10, it dosen’t matter. But of course I would prefer 50.000 haha.

PFE: Do you think you have more fans in Sweden or Poland now?

Lukas: I think in Poland haha. I have so much love for all my fans and it’s because of them this is happening. They have always supported me and and trying to lift me up. I’m so proud to be a part of this.

PFE: Can we expect your new single with Gromee in close future?

Lukas: We talked about it before the Eurovision and we will see. I’m proud of the songs we did and I’m glad for the trust Gromee has given to me with both Without You and Light Me Up and I’m always there for him and the polish team if they want to do something else in the future, as a songwriter, singer and the most important as a friend.

PFE: Few days ago you informed us that you are working on some new music with No Sleep For Lucy – could you give us some more details about it?

Lukas: Now I feel a big hunger for writing music, both for No Sleep For Lucy and for a time I also worked on a side-project for all the songs that didn’t suit No Sleep For Lucy but that I think is wonderful songs. So hopefully there will be a lot of new music coming from NSFL and maybe something else too.

PFE: Do you plan a concert tour with NSFL? If yes, will you come to Poland then?

Lukas: It would be amazing. If the fans want us in Poland we’re going there. We just need to look at where and when. That would be a dream for us.

PFE: Maybe we can see you in Poland also at the concerts with Gromee?

Lukas: Yes, I coming to Poland for some conserts and when we have more information we will show you. I’m so ready for Poland and to see all the fantastic peoples who supported us this last months. You guys are the best.

PFE: What music means to you?

Lukas: The thing is that when I was younger I was a bit shy and I thought it was a bit hard to express my feeling. But music helpt me do that and I’m so glad that people want to listen to my words and that they feel someting inside. I’m still a very calm guy and choose my words carefully but the stage and music bring something else out of me and I’m so happy for that. It means the world for me.

PFE: What do you dream about?

Lukas: Right now I dream a lot about going around in the world and play music. I feel such a big hunger for music and the stage and I’m more then ready to make it happen.

PFE: How do you see yourself in 10 or 20?

Lukas: Hopefully I still have the same passion for music and photography and that its still a big part of my life. Maybe I’ve bought a house deep inside the forest and also found the love of my life haha.

PFE: Is there someting you wanna say to the people who criticize your eurovision performance? (Maybe they should hear about your motto: Love Until The End?)

Lukas: No, not really. I try to give my time to all the positive supporters instead.

But wait, I think I have one thing to say. I have no problem with critics and bad comments and every one has their right to say what they think. Of course it can be hurtful but I’m soon 30 years old and I have some life experience to handle it. But I hope that all the time it takes to write bad comments about me gives the opportunity for younger people NOT to get this type of comments. I work with young people and people can gladly comment on me as long as they stay away from the young ones who trying to find themselves in this big world.

This world needs more love on every level and that’s why I came up with Love Until The End. It suits perfect with my tohoughts and feelings about love and also what me and NSFL stands for.

PFE: What’s your favourite song from ESC 2018?

Lukas: My favorite song is Germany’s song. Wonderful melodies and lyrics.

PFE: What’s your favourite song from your newest album Until The End and why?

Lukas: Oh, I have so many haha. But the one that’s the most important for me is „The Source”. I wrote it to honour my family and tried to describe how they made me to who I am. They are the ones who guided me and make me feel safe.

Listen to „Don’t Let Go” – No Sleep For Lucy’s song and also check out their new album here – „Until The End”:

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