On Wednesday, the 8th of August our editors Ola and Kamil attended the first official metting of Kasia Moś’s fans. They shortly interviewed the Polish Eurovision 2017 representative with questions asked by our readers.

Question from Paweł: What do you think of Netta & the overall quality of Eurovision 2018 comparing to the previous year?

Kasia: If we’re talking about Netta – I had some other favourites. There were people that I enjoyed more. In this song I defenately prefer the verses than the chorus. Talking about the quality of Eurovision – I think that last year there were more songs that I personally liked, but this year it was not bad at all. I want to highlight that this year I liked Ireland, Sweden and the Czech Republic. Genuinely good was the girl from Cyprus. Apart from her beauty and great dance, she sang well during this dance. Maybe the song’s not what I like but in general she’s a very attractive woman.

Question from Maja: Who would you choose as our representative for next year’s Eurovision?

Kasia: I still think I would behold Margaret at Eurovision as I believe she has a lot of fans both in Poland and abroad. She would for sure do well. Furthermore, I wouldn’t regard to what is popular or what’s been a success in other country. I’d take it by freshness and newness, open-mindedly. I wouldn’t look for inspiration in other countries, but on my home soil.

Question from Krzysztof: What is your opinion on Junior Eurovision Song Contest and what do you think of the previous Polish entries sung by Alicja Rega and Olivia Wieczorek?

Kasia: To be honest, I have to admit that I haven’t really followed Junior Eurovision. Though the girl that won the most recent contest, seemed to me a bit too matured. I don’t want to judge as I haven’t seen any others and it’d be unfair to judge only her.

Question from Daniel: In case of participating in Eurovision again, will you try to do a bigger „show”? I mean, do you know what things you should pay attention to, preparing camera work etc?

Kasia: For sure I’d ask for help the people who stay in touch with Eurovision every day and follow it all the time. I’ve had many of You that would surely help me with what to do or add. As we all know, it doesn’t always depend on our decisions. The broadcaster and the budget have their roles too. I think that the „show” doesn’t always matter as last year’s winner didn’t make a „show” but stole everyone’s hearts. I’m not this kind of person that is friendly with making  the „show”.

Question from Igor: What music style do you want to show on your new album? Will the style be similiar to „Inspination”, or will it be something new?

Kasia: Probably we’ll start co-working with other producers and their approach to our music will be different. They’ll be offering their own propositions as well. I’d like to do soul and maybe pop with some elements of electronic music. So it’s going to be similiar to the previous album. I also think „Flashlight” is the most unusual song comparing to other ones.

Question from Monia: Were you vegeterian as a kid?

Kasia: No, I was not. Of course I always ate very small amounts of meat but I was not vegeterian. The right moment of 100% awareness had to come to me and then I became vegeterian.

We’d like to thank Kasia once again for answering the questions and our readers who asked them. Kasia Moś represented Poland at the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest held in Kiev with her song „Flashlight”. She was placed 9th in the semi-final and qualified to the Grand Final where she came 22nd with a total of 64 points.

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