AWS is a hungarian band playing music from the border of rock and alternative metal with post hardcore. It represented Hungary at Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon with a song called „Viszlát nyár”. We were talking with Roni (drummer) about their album, Eurovision and also their history. We encourage you to read our interview!

PFE: What does the name of your band mean?
It means different things depending on who is asking. 🙂 For example Alternative Wine Selection or maybe Aron Went Shopping…

PFE: How did you create the band? How did you get to know each other?
The band was formed in high school as we went to the same school and decided to do something related to music that we can take seriously. We only knew that we wanted to make music and do that together.

PFE: We know that you’re planning to release a new album. Have you got a date when it will be out? Will you have a tour after releasing it? Maybe some concerts in Poland?
Yes, we released it in the meantime, and we had a big album release show in Budapest then started a tour in Hungary with the new music. Mainly it’s going to be in winter and spring. We haven’t played in Poland yet, but would be happy to do that… 🙂

PFE: Why were you barefoot on the Eurovision stage?
AWS: I wasn’t, but Örs (lead singer) is all the time. He doesn’t like wearing shoes for some reason haha.

PFE: Are you happy with your ESC result? What would you like to change in your performance looking at it now?
AWS: Yes, we are happy with it totally and we wouldn’t change anything about it. We were really happy to be there and we benefited a lot from it, as we have new fans and we also learned a lot from this experience.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania aws eurovision
AWS on the Eurovision stage

PFE: If you met AWS from the past what would you tell them?
AWS: I’d say: ‘Do everything just a way you want. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be really good at the end! ;)’

PFE: Who is your music and not only music inspiration?
AWS: I have a lot personally. But if I need to say some I would go with Foals, Periphery, Muse, Arcane Roots, Don Broco etc.

PFE: Would like to comeback to Eurovision?
Yes, definitely, but rather as part of the audience.

PFE: Who would you like to see as hungarian representative at the ESC in next years?
AWS: I would be really happy to see Leander Kills or Kies standing on stage in Tel Aviv!

PFE: Do you still have a contact with other participants?
Yes, Soma was really social in Lisbon and he made some friends who he still keeps in touch.

Once again we wanna thank AWS for agreeing  to this interview.
Good luck in the future music career!

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