Dami Im has represented Australia with her song „Sound Of Silence” in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She achieved the highest Eurovision score for her country (second place). She is a Korean-born Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist performing artist. She won the fifth season of The X Factor Australia. Prior to entering the TV show, Im was a music and piano teacher. In late December 2013, she signed on as an ambassador for the children’s charity Compassion Australia.

Polscy Fani Eurowizji: How do You remember Your participation in The X Factor Australia?

Dami Im: Being on a reality TV show was a completely new and a different experience compared to anything else I’ve done before or even since. It introduced me to a lot of people who love my music and are still supporters of my music so I’m very grateful for that.

PFE: Before The ESC 2018 You released an acoustic vesion of Your song „Sound Of Silence” which helped You to reach the best australian result at The Eurovision Song Contest and You wrote then: „This song always takes me back to that unforgettable place, my heart thumping, on that shiny black box looking out to an endless sea of people that were like flickering lights..!”. We can also find „Sound Of Silence” at Your newest EP – „Live Session”. Is it still kind of important/special song for You?

Dami: Singing “Sound of Silence” at Eurovision is one experience that I won’t forget for the rest of my life. It was so intense – to pour out all of my energy and months of effort into 3 minutes and present myself to 200 million people. And then having so many people get behind the song was such a thrill.

PFE: How would You define the Eurovision? What is it for You personally?

Dami: To me it’s a huge celebration of many countries and cultures. It’s like the “hunger games” but more of a party then a fight. Everyone gets to form an opinion on which song is the best but no one can truly predict who is going to win in the end!

PFE: What’s Your favourite Eurovision song and why?

Dami: I actually really love Salvador Sobral’s “Amar Pelos Dois” [the winner of ESC 2017 – Ed.]. When I watched his performance in the semi finals I was immediately shocked and fell in love for the simplicity and the confidence to just communicate through song without using any extra effects. It went from confusing to refreshing, then to being addictive.

PFE: Do you feel your life is different after the Eurovision? Do you feel more recognizable for example?

Dami: Eurovision was a turning point for me both externally and internally. On the outside I gained so many new fans both in Australia and globally. On the inside, I found this burning desire and confidence to really take charge of my career.

PFE: You have an amazing group of fans – Dami Army. Tell us about Your relations, maybe there’s some interesting story? How do You feel with their suport?

Dami: My fans have been so fantastic before and throughout Eurovision and still going strong now. They’ve always trusted me with the directions I chose and supported me no matter what. I just want to do more exciting things so that our ride together is fun and exciting and never the same or boring. I’m always looking to surprise them [so are they – Ed.]. (One month after ESC 2016, Dami was presented with the Eurovision trophy).

PFE: Would You like to come back to the Eurovision someday?

Dami: Getting a close 2nd was such a good result and I think it would be silly for me to enter again any time soon. Having said that I might change my mind one day when I’m feeling crazy.

PFE: Who should represent Australia at The Eurovision Song Contest next year? Somebody popular like, for example, 5 Seconds Of Summer, the winner of the talent show or the completely new voice?

Dami: Australia is doing an internal Eurovision selection show with lots of exciting acts so I’m interested to see who will go in the end.

PFE: Do You watch The Junior Eurovision Song Contest? What do You think about Roksana Roxie Węgiel and her winning song of this year – „Anyone I Want To Be”?

Dami: I loved her performance! Her vocals were spot on and the production and style was so fresh and just perfect. I have a feeling she will go a long way.

PFE: Tell us about Your previous album – „I Hear A Song”. What was Your inspiration?

Dami: It was an album that connected me back to my roots of singing while playing the piano. I got to play the piano on all the tracks and work with live musicians and we ended up with a very organic sounding, pop jazz record.

PFE: What music means to You?

Dami: Music is something that gives me meaning to my life.

PFE: Few days ago You released Your newest single „Dreamer”. Tell us about Your next musical plans for near future?

Dami: I released a live version of “Dreamer” as part of a live EP which were recorded during my shows on tour. I put it out there as a transitional project to celebrate my touring, and start next year where I’m planning to release more new music.

PFE: What’s the story behind „Dreamer”?

Dami: I felt like there was so much noise around me about what I should do with my career and my life and one day I wanted to say: “Thanks, but I’m going to make my own decisions”. This song came to me and most of the song was finished in that moment.

PFE: What do You dream about?

Dami: I dream of writing more songs and sharing stories with many people while I tour wherever my fans are.

PFE: How do You see yourself in 10 or 20 years?

Dami: I see myself continuing to evolve as an artist and a person but always writing music and sharing it with the world no matter how old I become.

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