Sunstroke Project is a Moldovan musical trio composed of Sergei Yalovitsky (vocals), Anton Ragoza (violinist and composer) and Sergey “Epic Sax Guy” Stepanov  (saxophonist). It’s one of the most spectacular and successful comeback to the ESC. After the participation in 2010 with the song “Run Away” (22nd place), they returned to the contest in 2017 with the song “Hey, Mamma!” and achieved the highest Eurovision score for their country (third place).

Polscy Fani Eurowizji: How the name of the band was created?

Sunstroke Project: We served in the army and in one day on field Anton got sunstroke, so after that, we thought that it is a sign to name our band “Sunstroke Project”.

PFE: Tell us Your Eurovision story – it’s much longer than some people could suppose. Of course, we had the year 2010 with a song „Run Away” and the year 2017 with a song „Hey, Mamma!” but You’ve wanted to perform at the ESC much more times.

Sunstroke Project: Participation on Eurovision Song Contest opened to us unique possibilities for promotion of our music. After our participation on ESC 2010, we dreamed to be back there, and we did it in 2017! So we will never stop going for our dreams!

PFE: How would You define the Eurovision? What is it for You personally?

Sunstroke Project: Eurovision is a real celebration of music!

PFE: Would You like to come back to the Eurovision again?

Sunstroke Project: Actually, We can say that every artist who was there, wish to be back.

PFE: Do You feel your life is different after your second Eurovision performance? For example, do You feel more recognizable than before?

Sunstroke Project: Having taken the 3rd place, in our country we became like cosmonauts [important, special; SunStroke Project was even awarded the Order of Honour by the President of Moldova after ESC 2017 – Ed.], but also we got a lot of new fans from all around the world.

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PFE: Some days ago there was a premiere of Your new song „Tocame” – how do You remember the cooperation with Timebelle [representatives of Switzerland at ESC 2017 – Ed.]?

Sunstroke Project: The guys from Timebelle, not just really talented musicians but also really good friends of us, so to work with them was a really big pleasure!

PFE: Till now only the lyrics video of „Tocame” is available, do You plan to make also the music video with Timebelle?

Sunstroke Project: We wish it would happen but these days we both have a really busy schedule so maybe in the future? ☺

PFE: „Tocame” it’s not your first „latino” song – in 2014 You released the song „Amor” and also the music video of Your song „Sun Gets Down” (2017) brings to mind the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Do You like this kind of vibes in music? Can we expect it in Your music in the future?

Sunstroke Project: We’re always trying to surprise our fans with something new, because of that we often experiment with sound and genres, btw soon will be out one more “Latino” track. 😉 ☺

PFE: Who would You like to cooperate with in the future? Any other Eurovision artist?

Sunstroke Project: W’re always open for collabs cause our main goal is to create more & more good music! Also, our old dream was to create the track with Alexander Rybak [winner of ESC 2009 and contestant of ESC 2018 – Ed.].

PFE: What are Your musical plans for near future? Maybe a concert tour or an album?

Sunstroke Project: We’re planning the release of Album and of course support Tour.

PFE: What music means to You?

Sunstroke Project: It is our passion, our life and our favorite job.

PFE: What do You dream about?

Sunstroke Project: We dream to be healthy, look like superstars till the end of our lives and of course, we really wish to be famous worldwide.

PFE: How do You see yourself in 10 or 20 years?

Sunstroke Project: Very rich, famous and happy. 😀

PFE: A few days ago You asked your Facebook followers: „What track of Sunstroke Project is Your favorite right now?”. What’s about You? What track of Sunstroke Project is Your favorite right now or in general?

Sunstroke Project: Our favorite track for the moment is “Hey Mamma” but, we’re preparing something much interesting for You guys in near future.

PFE: What’s Your favorite Eurovision song?

Sunstroke Project: Loreen [„Euphoria” (winner of ESC 2012) – Ed.], Conchita [„Rise Like A Phoenix” (winner of ESC 2014) – Ed.] and we also like Kasia Moś [„Flashlight” – Ed.] from 2017.

We are waiting for the new (“latino”) music from Sunstroke Project but till now, we’ve got their new christmas song (perfect for this moment):

The photos become from the official profiles of Sunstroke Project’s social media.

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