Silvàn Areg is French singer. He takes part in french preselections for Eurovision 2019 Destination Eurovision. We were talking about his song, upcoming album and other songs from DE. We encourage you to read our interview!

PFE: What do you want to convey in Le petit Nicolas? What is the meaning of this song?
Silvàn: Le petit Nicolas is a clearly positive song that pushes to go beyond yourself by leaving our comfort zone. It is a song that must convey positive energy in order to overcome ourselves by listening to our little inner voice. No matter what people say “little Nicolas” pushes us to be in harmony with who we really are, it pushes us to realize “our legend” 🙂

PFE: Was Le petit Nicolas written especially for Eurovision?
Silvàn: No, it is a song that already existed but it lends itself perfectly to the contest. It tells the story of a little boy who leaves his village to conquer the world. The comparison with the contest is here very amusing. This song sounds like “traditional French song” with a theme of universal self-transcendence that can affect people of all countries.

PFE: We know that you are planning to release your album in 2019. What kind of music will be on it? Maybe some folk songs similar to Le petit Nicolas?
 The album will be a mix between tradition and modernity. I’m at the crossroads of a lot of influences and I’d like it to show in the album. The message will be very important, I wish above all to make a human album that speaks to the greatest number.

PFE: Did you sent your notification for pre-selection by yourself or maybe someone suggested you do it?
Silvàn: My participation in the contest is the fruit of destiny 🙂 I did not plan to participate or send a demo. One of the people taking care of the selection fell on the song. He spent the various stages of selection and from there I was contacted to participate in the show. It’s a great adventure and a great opportunity to discover my musical world.

PFE: Have you already had an idea of how your performance at Destination Eurovision can look like?
Silvàn: I have a little idea behind my head, I hope I can surprise viewers with my interpretation. I am a little bit of the “petit poucet” of the show but I will do everything to please and please me.

PFE: Some people compare you to IGIT, who participated in DE last year, and his song Lisboa Jerusalem. How do you react to this comparison? Do you notice the similarity?
Silvàn: This is a very flattering comparison, I think it can be from the side: a singer with text.

PFE: How do you rate the level of this year’s pre-selection?  Maybe you have your personal favourite?
Silvàn: The level is very high this year with a lot of new talent. I really like Florina’s song (In The Shadow) and that of Doutson but it’s a bit normal because I participated in its writing 🙂 My favourite for this competition is Le Petit Nicolas😂 anyway I will do everything so that it travels the farthest and as long as possible.

PFE: Did you watch last year’s Eurovision? Who was your favourite? What do you think about the performance of your nationals?
Silvàn: Last year I really enjoyed the title of Madame Monsieur. Unfortunately, I could not follow the grand finale, but what catches my eye when I watch the shows is the joy, the brotherhood between the different countries. This competition is a great opportunity to bring people and countries together by making peace a priority.

Once again we wanna thank Silvàn for agreeing to this interview.
Good luck at Destination Eurovision!









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