Yesyes is a band formed in 2015. Its members are Ádám Szabó and Tomás Katona. Exactly as the previous year, they decided to take part in the Hungarian national final – A Dál. Their song is called Incomplete.

Remix version of “Incomplete”

Polish Fans of Eurovision: What does Eurovision mean to you? What do you want to take part in it for?

yesyes: We’ve met with many talented artist thanks to A Dal so we are really grateful! Now we would like to show the audience our latest song ‘Incomplete’, which is made by people who met during the competition in 2018. WALSTON and Halász Péter (lyrics) found us last year and since then we are working together! 🙂

PFE: What is your vision of yourselves standing at the Eurovision stage?

yesyes: We can’t imagine, it would be amazing! 🙂

PFE: What do you think of Netta and who did you support in Lisbon?

yesyes: She had a really special song, that we really like! We can’t choose a favourite one, we would like to support every artist!

PFE: What are your favourite Eurovision songs?

yesyes: Kállay Saunders – Running 🙂

PFE: What made you decide to take part in the national final again?

yesyes: We would like to reach as many people as possible with our message.

PFE: What is your opinion on competing in A Dal with former Hungarian representatives?

yesyes: It is an honor to be in a series with such competitors! 🙂

PFE: What were the circumstances the band was created in?

yesyes: Ádám was in A Dal with ‘Give me your love’ and we wrote that song together. That was when we decided to start YESYES! 🙂

PFE: Where did the name yesyes come from and why is it not nono?

yesyes: Because we are too positive! 🙂 We always try to say YES to the good things in life. 

PFE: What are your musical inspirations? 

yesyes: We can say that almost every song and artist that we hear!! We can’t highlight one. 

PFE: Does the music you’ve been creating coincide with the music you listen to?

yesyes: We have songs in drum and bass, future bass, pop, trap and in a lot of other style so yeah, we can say that YESYES songs coincide with the music we listen to! 

PFE: What is the meaning of lyrics of Incomplete? 

yesyes: It means that you can not be complete without an important people, thing in your life. As the lyrics says, you have a missing puzzle piece. 

PFE: Do you equate yourselves more with Incomplete or I let you run away? 

yesyes: It’s the year of ‘Incomplete’! 🙂

PFE: Have you already bought your tickets to Tel Aviv or maybe you are waiting for last minute ones?

yesyes: It would be amazing to buy it right now! 🙂 We we’ll see!! 🙂

Thank you for the interwiev and we wish you good luck in A Dál!

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