Kjetil Mørland has already represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest. He was born in 1980 and moved out to the UK back in 2005. 10 years later, together with a Swiss-Norwegian singer Debrah Scarlett, they won Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix with a song called “A monster like me”. Going to Vienna, they became one of the favourites to win the competition. In 60th Eurovision Song Contest they came in 8th place, bringing Norway another top 10 result. Now Mørland is once again here to fly the flag for Norway. In a short interview he shared his thoughts on Eurovision stuff!
PFE: The last time that Norway sent an entry in Norwegian to Eurovision, was in 2006. Do you think “En livredd mann” would have a chance to do really well in the contest where most of songs are in English?
Mørland:  I think this song is very much about conveying an emotion. So if I manage to get that across in the visuals as well, I think it still can connect!
PFE: Last year you wrote Rebecca’s “Who We Are” that came 2nd in Melodi Grand Prix. Did it somehow motivate you to come back and try to win everything on your own?
Mørland: No, this wasn’t related. It was by chance that I entered again. I wrote “En Livredd Mann” and felt it had something special about it that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.
PFE: If you got an opportunity to represent Norway in a duo with other Norwegian singer, who would you like to go for it with?
Mørland: Debrah Scarlett of course 😉
PFE: What is your opinion on Junior Eurovision. Have you heard the Polish song by Roxie, that won the last edition of this contest in Minsk?
Mørland: I’m sorry, but I have never watched it.
PFE: Have you already bought your tickets to Tel Aviv or maybe you’re just waiting for last-minute? 🙂
Mørland: Haha, that would be jumping far ahead of myself. There are strong contenders this year. But I guess I have a 20% chance of going, as I’m also a writer of “The Bubble”.
PFE: Thank you for this interview! Warm wishes of best of luck in the competition!
Mørland: Thank you Poland 🇵🇱!!! Best regards/Vennlig hilsen!
Mørland will sing his entry “En livredd mann” (“A lifescared man”) in the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2019, the Norwegian national final for the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. Don’t forget he has also co-worked with Jonas McDonnell & Aleksander Walmann (Eurovision 2017!) on Adrian Jørgensen’s song “The Bubble” that will fight for a ticket to Israel as well!

What is your opinion on both Mørland’s songs for Melodi Grand Prix 2019? Should he fly the flag for Norway again? Share your thoughts with us!

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