Eliot Vassamillet is an 18-year-old talent born in Mons, Belgium. He’s going to sing his song “Wake up” in Tel Aviv, represeting 🇧🇪Belgium in the 64th Eurovision Song Contest. We’ve asked him about his Eurovision entry as well as his music interests in general. Also, we’ve found out his connections to Poland! Have you wondered what is the guy, who’s flying the flag for Belgium this year, sing about? Read carefully!

PFE: How do you feel about the fact that shortly after competing in The Voice you were chosen for Eurovision? Don’t you feel like thrown in the deep end now?

Eliot: I really love an expression that someone told me once. In French it is: “il faut surfer sur sa vague”. Literally it means: “you need to surf on your wave”. It means that you need to take all the opportunities while you can. And I think it is good to participate to Eurovision just after The Voice, because I am still in the mood of the cameras, the interviews and on! Moreover, Eurovision is such a big opportunity and it would be crazy not to participate !

PFE: Could you briefly describe the meaning of your song?

Eliot: Basically, the world has fallen asleep and the young, the new generation, us, we need to wake up and wake up the world by making things move. This song is full of hope and positivity!

PFE: Do you already have some ideas for your stage performance in May?

Eliot: Yes, we are working very hard with the team (which is fantastic) to offer a great show to the public. It will be beautiful and bright!

PFE: Do you like the previous Belgian entries at Eurovision? Which one is your favorite?

Eliot: Yes, I do! Of course as a good Belgian guy, Sandra Kim, who won the competition in 1986 is just wow! But I absolutely love Blanche. There is something so special about her voice. I prefer emotional voices than technical voices. I am more a “feeling guy”!

PFE: How long have you been interested in music and singing? You’re really young, so when did you know that it would be something you’d like to do in life?

Eliot: It all started, I guess, when I got my first guitar for my 7th birthday! I immediately liked music “at first sight”. Singing came after, to go with the guitar. It’s funny, because usually it’s opposite to happen. Then later, I learned piano and ukulele! But I really understood that singing was my vocation when I participated to The Voice. I had such a strange and good feeling about being on a stage. Now I know. I know that I want to do this in my life!

PFE: Which artists inspire you and why?

Eliot: I don’t have any particular artist that inspires me above all. I think that all artists are different by their voice, their way of thinking, their acts, and that is beautiful. But one artist did inspire me at one point. Logic did a song called “1-800-273-8255”. Actually this is the US number for a suicidal person who wants to call. The structure of the song is so good in my opinion. The first verse is the point of view, the thoughts of the suicidal person. The second are the words of the person who tries to say positive and kind things to the other one. This song is so full of hope and also it warns people. I really love this song. Also, the musical part is awesome.

PFE: Have you ever been to Poland? Do you have any favorite Polish musicians?

Eliot: Yes, I did! For a school trip! Actually, in my class, we all had a penpal, so we went in Poland and they came in Belgium later. It was really fun, and Polish people are so kind! We went to Kraków but my penpal lived in the countryside and it was really beautiful!

PFE: What shall we wish you for Tel Aviv?

Eliot: Lots of courage, not too much stress and a lot of support! That’s really important!

The interview in Polish HERE!

We thank Eliot for this amazing interview in which he’s shared with us some thoughts about Eurovision! Best of luck for Belgium in the first semi-final in May!

And what do you think? Have we spoken to the future Eurovision champion? Give us your opinion on the Belgian song!

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