Anne-Marie David is a French singer, born in 1952, who back in the 1970’s stole Europe’s hearts, competing in the old-style Eurovision Song Contest, winning for 🇱🇺Luxembourg in 1973 with “Tu te reconnaîtras” and coming 3rd for 🇫🇷France with “Je suis l’enfant soleil” in Jerusalem in 1979. We’ve been honoured to ask her some questions about her point of view at Eurovision now and memories from the contest in the past! Would she compete again in the competition, if Luxembourg came back after over 25 years of absence? Read carefully!
PFE: It’s been 40 years since your last Eurovision participation. The contest has changed a lot since then, but do you think it’s in better condition now than it was in the 1970’s?
Anne-Marie: Well, it’s difficult to compare. Yes, a lot of things, that I personaly deeply regret, have changed and these changes have brought the contest to something based on show – lights etc…and so, each country looks for a good exhibitor more than a good interpreter, and a good song. Effects and lights hide the poorness of the songs.
We have left many essential things :
– a symphonic orchestra for lightinings and effects. Fine…I can like it, but for me it’s not a song contest as all effects capt the attention; Be sure that amongst all the competitors, no matter from which country, a very little percentage could sing live with a symphonic orchestra ….No effects! Just you – your song and the orchestra… then your song has to be strong!
– singing in our mother language. When emotion is there, when the lyrics have a meaning and the interpreter is carrying it the good way, you are caught and touched!
– and the votes! OMG! I can’t believe it’s a fair way of decision!
But – even if we keep all we have today , I deeply think that there should be a “show contest” and a “song contest”. Both may interest a large audience.
PFE: You won Eurovision for Luxembourg, the country that has been absent in the competition since 1993. If they came back and asked you to sing for them again, would you consider competing in ESC in the 21st century?
Anne-Marie: It has been a great honour for me to represent Luxembourg and I’ll always be grateful to them. Depending of what they would expect from a return as a type of song, I would be proud again to represent them again…of course. 1973 is my year forever and my 3rd place in 1979 is also mine forever! To return to ESC would just be a new challenge!
PFE: Do you have any funny memories from Eurovision?
Anne-Marie: Plenty! Not specially funny, but in 1973 when on the day of the general rehearsal, the room service waiter dropped all my breakfast coffee on my yellow costume! I had to go to buy my “memorable red dress” with Interpol in Luxemburg shops as lots of terrorists at that time have been arrested at the borders with bombs! First entry from Israel with my friend Ilanit & Munich events in ’72 … My name is David and funny funny! my PR name was ? Georges ISRAEL! Hard to escape to danger in those conditions !
PFE: Do you still listen to any of the songs that competed against yours in 1973 or 1979?
Anne-Marie: Yes, I listen to some and sing some of them sometimes in ESC parties when I’m a guest!
PFE: Could you name your favourite Eurovision winner from the recent years?
Anne-Marie: NUMBER ONE FOR ME is CONCHITA WURST ! A song – a story – a lot of emotion and a wonderful interpreter!
PFE: At “Eurovision: Greatest Hits” event in 2015 you sang, except for your winning song, the 1979 winner “Hallelujah”. Is it your favourite Eurovision song or maybe you have other favourites?
Anne-Marie: I have several songs that I love for various reasons… “Hallelujah” is one of them – In fact I love all ESC songs that I can sing the melody of…
PFE: Have you ever been to Poland? Maybe you have some favourite Polish artists or even Eurovision entries?
Anne-Marie: Never! I would love to come, so invite me for a concert or else! I know I have lots of Polish fans!
PFE: What shall we wish you for the future?
Anne-Marie: To keep my voice safe as long as possible and to come to Poland!
We wish Anne-Marie David everything the best and we’re absolutely grateful for this amazing interview! We’d love to see her in Poland!

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