Michela Pace will represent Malta at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with the song “Chameleon”. She is going to perform in the second semi-final. We talked to Michela about her song, music and Eurovision.

PFE: How did your adventure with music begin?

Michela: At a very young age I was always hooked on music, singing in front of the tv, at home. This obviously developed into a passion and into something which I wanted to do professionally. Here I am now, winning the first edition of X Factor Malta and representing my country in one of the largest music events in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest.

PFE: What kind of music do you listen to every day? Who inspires you?

Michela: I listen to various genres and various artists. The inspiration needs to come from various channels.

PFE: You are the winner of the X Factor Malta. How do you mention participation in this show?

Michela: It has been the biggest learning curve ever! Thanks to this I am where I am today. X Factor isn’t just a tv show but its a place full of professional people who guide you in every possible way so that once you’re out there, in the music scene, you are well prepared for what is ahead of you.

PFE: What did you feel when you became a representative of Malta?

Michela: An absolute honour! I’ve tried my luck at various things in the past and I sincerely felt no one ever got me. I had gotten used to never winning anything or being a favourite or even liked. That made me appreciate the little things and also have me a tough skin not to expect anything so you can only imagine what I felt winning X factor, signing to a major record label and now representing my country in the Eurovision song contest.

PFE: What is your song about? What do you want to convey it?

Michela: My song is about adaptation! Just like a Chameleon, one has to adapt to what life throws at him or her.

PFE: What was the work on the song and the music video for “Chameleon” look like?

Michela: Loads of hard work by multiple talented individuals to deliver one premium product. Most of the time in this industry there is literally no time to over think so you just have to have faith and just do it. I think that so far we have managed.

PFE: Have you already known what your performance will look like in Tel Aviv? Can we expect something similar to the music video?

Michela: Secrets are there to be kept! The music video depicts a quirky side of me which is contrasted with loads of colours and scenery. Of course a live performance requires more energy. We are rehearsing everyday. See you during the first rehearsal in Tel Aviv.

PFE: You will not show up at PreParties before Eurovision. Where does this decision come from?

Michela: As I mentioned above preparations and rehearsals are in full swing. Of course i would have loved to meet the other contestants, Eurovision fans and the media but I’m sure I will have time in Tel Aviv. My team and I need to make sure that the delivery of the product is at its optimum so we’re 100% focused on that right now.

PFE: You recorded your Eurovision postcard. Can you talk about her?

Michela: We shot that in Timna Park. An amazing place with a wonderful scenere. Israel is one beautiful country, I can’t wait to be back!

PFE: How do you rate previous performances of Malta on Eurovision? Do you have your favorite?

Michela: All participants are unique in their very own way. I can’t have a particular favourite.

PFE: Malta is not successful in televoting. Why is this happening? Do you think that you can change this?

Michela: When things are more difficult you simply have to put in more effort. Malta is seen as a small country which makes it extremely difficult with televtoing but we’ve had some close calls in the past so we just need to give our very best and let the people and jury do their job. I am a true believer that if a product is at its very best, the results will reflect that.

PFE: Have you listened to your rivals? Which songs do you like?

Michela: All songs are unique in their very own way. I definitely do not see them as my rivals and truthfully I would not want to choose one. What I can say is that I’m really looking forward to share the stage and this whole experience with artists who like me are representing their country and are going to give their very best!

PFE: How do you rate Eurovision Song Contest? Do you have songs from this competition to which you come back?

Michela: It’s an amazing show and event. I was always hooked to it. I remember that every Eurovision Semi-Final night and Final night were nights were all my family would gather around the TV and watch the songs. Needless to say, I would have done all the research about the artists, songs, acts on stage etc! One song which I really love is “Dum Tek Tek” by Hadise!


PFE: Do you feel confident in the second semi-final? Do you think that number 11 will bring you success?

Michela: From what I’ve heard semi-final 2 seems quite tough but that makes even more exciting in my opinion. I will give my very best to deliver a great song and a great experience to those in front of me in the arena and those at home in front of their television! Will let the people and jury do the rest!

PFE: What are your passions besides music?

Michela: Music takes a lot of my time and in itself is a passion which I really enjoy working on. It is a therapy that helps me grow and forget about all the things that life sometimes can throw at us. Needless to say, I make sure that I do relax – go for walks in our beautiful countryside in Gozo, and during summer time spend days at the beach.

PFE: What should we wish you?

Michela: Some luck would do! And maybe pray that everything will go according to plan!

PFE: Would you like to say something to fans from Poland?

Michela: Thanks for your support, I hope that one day I will visit your country!

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