In fact, challenges are what keep him going, as his newest project , the Eurovision Song Contest. He previously acted as the Swiss spokesperson in Kiev, and now wants to sing his country into this year’s final. Luca enjoys everything he does: ‘Getting the chance to perform on such a huge stage in front of an audience of enthusiastic fans in the venue and millions of people at home is definitely one of the highlights of my life.’ ‘Dare to dream’, the motto of this year’s ESC, couldn’t be more appropriate. Luca wrote She Got Me together with a team of national and international composers at a songwriting camp. He hopes that the song, which has Middle Eastern elements and plenty of rhythm, will get both the young and the old dancing: ‘With my ESC song She Got Me, I want to spread some joie de vivre and share my passion for dance and music with the whole audience!’

We asked Luca some questions on his attitude for Eurovision and his song “She got me”! Had he thought of Eurovision before and what does he think of Portugal’s Salvador Sobral? Read carefully!

Polish Fans of Eurovision: Your song is called “She got me”. Was it inspired by a real story or experience? Could you shortly desribe its message?

Luca Hänni: Every person needs someone who makes them happy and gets the best out of them, that’s what the song means to me.

PFE: You were the Swiss spokesperson at Eurovision two years ago. Did you even think about actually performing at Eurovision back then or was it more like a current decision?

Luca: ESC was in my mind for a long time, but the time was missing for me to actually think about a participation, until now.

PFE: The Swiss jury gave then its 12 points to Portugal’s Salvador Sobral. Did you like his performance or maybe you had other favourites?

Luca: In my opinion, all the past winners have something special and unique and performed great songs. Salvador Sobral is one of my personal favorites. Especially he could convince with his story.

PFE: Switzerland hasn’t been really successful at Eurovision for a past few years and now you’re tipped to do really well. Does it put any pressure on you?

Luca: Yes, it’s a lot of pressure, but I really like that people enjoy my song and I will do my best to perform as well as I can.

PFE: Being one of the favourites, it must be an amazing feeling. But how would you feel like, if you joined Lys Assia and Celine Dion on the list of Swiss ESC winners?

Luca: I guess that feeling must be incredible and overwhelming. How I personally would feel, I haven’t thought to that point yet… 🙂

PFE: Have you considered putting non-English phrases into your song?

Luca: My ESC song “She Got Me” was planned only in English.

PFE: You’re a good dancer and the thing everyone wants to know is: how did you learn to dance so well? You were amazing in “Dance dance dance”, so have you been doing it professionally or learning on your own?

Luca: Dancing is definitely my passion and I love it. I regularly take dancing lessons to improve myself and be able to integrate dancing in my shows.

PFE: Did you get any advice from previous Swiss entrants?

Luca: I had the chance to talk to some former Eurovision participants and got some tips. But at the end I think, everybody needs to know for themselves  how to represent their country.

PFE: We suppose you get loads of comments about your appearance. Do you think any sort of handsomeness and fashionable style would somehow help to achieve a success at Eurovision?

Luca: I personally love fashion and I create clothes for my own label. I think at ESC style helps in some way, but at the end your talent decides about your success.

PFE: Have you ever been to Poland?

Luca: I’ve never been there but it would be great to come over for a concert and a visit.

PFE: What shall we wish you for May?

Luca: My wish is to perform as best as I can  Thank you so much for your great support!

We’re enormously grateful for the interview! We wish as amazing performance in May as possible! Fingers crossed for Switzerland!

Copyright: SRF/Lukas Maeder 

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