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During the third day of Junior Eurovision 2019 rehearsals Sophia Ivanko who’s representing Ukraine in the competition, joined the Press Centre and kindly agreed to have a short conversation about her feelings on being in Poland as well as her friend Timur Mirushnichenko, whom we’ve known for hosting Eurovision both for the kids as well as for the adults. 

PFE: Hello, Sophia! I’ve heard you mentioning Jamala so many times, but how about other Eurovision faces? For example Timur Mirushnichenko, who hosted both Junior Eurovision and Eurovision in Kiev, played in your music video. What is the story behind it? Has he given you any advice on Eurovision?

Sophia: Wow! He’s just a “smile person”. He’s very kind and he gives me a lot of positive emotions. His advice was to be yourself on the stage.

PFE: How do you feel about these positive emotions here in Gliwice? Do you feel positive or maybe you get worried for everything?

Sophia: I’m tired a little bit, but the general impression is very good! I love it!

PFE: Have you enjoyed being in Poland?

Sophia: It’s a very beautiful country! When I travel by bus for example to our hotel, which is very beautiful, and I look at Poland, I really like it. The fields, the trees and all of the nature are very nice!

PFE:  Thank you very much for your time! I wish you a very best of luck and having a good time in Silesia!

Sophia Ivanko is represting Ukraine at the 17th Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Gliwice-Silesia, Poland, with her song “The spirit of music”. She will perform 13th in the running order. It’s the fourteenth time Ukraine participates in Junior Eurovision, they won it with Anastasiya Petryk in 2012 and hosted the show twice in Kiev in 2009 and 2013.

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Kamil Polewski

Mam 17 lat, a Eurowizję oglądam od dziecka - pierwszy konkurs, który pamiętam, to 2006 rok i występ Anny Vissi. Fanem stałem się w 2014 roku, a już dwa lata później śledziłem Eurowizję bardzo dogłębnie. Moje ulubione utwory to "1944", "Arcade" i "Quedate conmigo". Na co dzień jestem uczniem klasy społeczno-prawnej I LO w Inowrocławiu, interesuję się polityką, geografią i historią, a także językami obcymi i Skandynawią.

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