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Today Polish community of Eurovision lovers was thrilled with emotion: Poland chose its representative for 17th Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Gliwice-Silesia. From three candidates in the final of “Szansa na sukces” a jury made of Anna Cyzowska-Dura, Konrad Smuga i Grzegorz Urban and the televote picked up a winner. The contest was won by Viki Gabor, a 12-year-old from Cracow, with a song called “Superhero”. We’ve had a short conversation with her right after her success in the competition!

PFE: You’ve won after a unanimous voting. You topped both jury and public vote. Did you expect this sort of result or did you doubt it right till the last moment?

Viki: When the results came in, it was a shock for me: Is it me? Is it really me? The girls were amazing and I greet them with all my heart. I still cannot believe it. (laughs)

PFE: There’s a lot of work on your way now. Do you already have any plans or visions on how you’d love to present yourself in Gliwice? Maybe you’ll start the work again from the basics?

Viki: For sure I’ll keep on preparing. It’s a hard work as it is indeed a huge contest. How will it all have worked out? – We’ll see.

Congratulations to Wiktoria and wishes of great work on Junior Eurovision 2019 performance in Gliwice-Silesia!

Kamil Polewski

Mam 17 lat, a Eurowizję oglądam od dziecka - pierwszy konkurs, który pamiętam, to 2006 rok i występ Anny Vissi. Fanem stałem się w 2014 roku, a już dwa lata później śledziłem Eurowizję bardzo dogłębnie. Moje ulubione utwory to "1944", "Arcade" i "Quedate conmigo". Na co dzień jestem uczniem klasy społeczno-prawnej I LO w Inowrocławiu, interesuję się polityką, geografią i historią, a także językami obcymi i Skandynawią.

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